Freaky Spongeday trade

I am going to email this video to you if you trade it in for a graff pink. it is a brick film that includes body switching. Comment me to accept the trade. Be sure to include your email Adress.

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My Soccer Game

I had a soccer game today. We did not win, but we had fun. I played defense most of the time, but I like goalie the best.

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A Day at my Friends House

A Day at my Friends House

This Summer I went to my friends house.
We had a blast! This is a picture me, my friends, and my little sister were playing called:
Your the Cheese, and you get Squeezed.

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The Perfect movie for a sleepover

I was thinking of it on my bus, and this weekend I decided next time I had a slumber party I would put on the horror movie:When a Stranger Calls. It’s about a babysitter who gets warned about the children 3 times via phone call and almost gets murdered.

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A program that teaches

On saturday my dad downloaded scratch, an MIT program made by college students.

Then, I made an account, which allows me to post my projects on the website.

Last, I remixed some projects.

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